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My Scratch Stuff


Pair Programming

Here we had to make a cat and a boy dance.

Click here for the project link.

Distance Formula Revisited

Here, I just had to make a custom block, and make that block calculate the distance instead of having the formula in my code.

Click here for the project link.

Feet to Miles or Inches

Here I had to make the Scratch ask the user for a distance in feet, and then have a custom block calculate the conversion, and then broadcast that calculation back to the user.

Click here for the project link.


  1. What are two advantages to using blocks for code repetition?
  2. What are parameters?
  3. Give an example of a formula that takes at least one parameter.
  4. Give an example of a situation where no parameters are needed.
  5. Explain what you think the following program does? How do blocks make this easier to understand? Explain what you would expect within each block.